The Comforting Power of Love

Seth Whitmer
3 min readFeb 20, 2023

There is a story that has often intrigued me in the scriptures, found in Moses chapter 7, in which Enoch beholds God weeping and declares, “how is it thou canst weep, seeing thou art holy, and from all eternity to all eternity?” (Moses 7:29)

A few years ago, my mother passed away. In an intimate gathering of family and friends, I offered a heartfelt prayer. When I rejoined my little family, my daughter Avril who was only about three and a half years old, wanted me to pick her up. Instinctively I did so. Feeling that my body was shaking with emotion, Avril looked up at my face and saw, for the first time in her life, tears streaming down my cheeks. Her face seemed to say to me, “how canst thou weep, seeing thou art daddy?” Then she wrapped her little arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. She didn’t let go until I stopped shaking with emotion. Then she gently unwrapped her arms from around my neck and looked at my face to make sure there were no more tears and continued to hold me close to make sure I was ok.

Avril taught me so much about how to comfort and love others at that moment. Sometimes we may not know what to do or how to help others in their moments of need when the right response is our love. The tiny arms and heart of a little girl were able to comfort the broken heart of a grown man.

I have wondered, is it possible that I, could bring comfort to others? I have tried to speak words of comfort, but rarely has it seemed to work. I do not possess the power to remove the hurt and pain from others. But I do possess the power of love. I have constantly been amazed at my capacity to love, and I believe we all have that power. When words cannot be spoken, the most powerful thing that can be done is to put our armsround them and to be with them.

Again, I have wondered, is it possible for me, being as weak as I am, so incapable and helpless; is it possible for me to bring comfort to my Heavenly Father’s heart? Perhaps, I do not possess the same ability as my little Avril, but perhaps there is a possibility, and it is one that I often pray for. That He who has done so much for me, is there not something I can do in return for Him?

Yes, I think there is! Jesus taught: “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15)

He also taught: “Lovest thou me?… feed my sheep.” (John 21:16)

What was it that caused God, the greatest of all, to weep? That His children were without love for one another and were filled with hate. (Moses 7:33) Growing our capacity to love, and loving others and God, can not only bring comfort to each other but, I believe to God’s own heart.



Seth Whitmer

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