A Psalm of My Heart

Seth Whitmer
4 min readJun 16, 2024


Oh Lord my God, wilt thou hear my cries? Wilt thou hear my prayers?

Yea, I know oh Lord my God, that thou hearest my cries. For thou hast heard me when I have cried unto thee in my secret places, and when I have cried unto thee when I was encompassed by mine enemies. Thou didst hear my cries when I was swallowed up in sorrow, when I was imprisoned and had no hope of escape from mine enemies. Yea, and thou didst hear me in my joy and thanksgiving.

Yea, and never hath I ceased to cry unto thee, from the morn unto the night has my heart cried unto thee. Yea, even in my dreams doth my heart cry unto thee. Yea, and not for my sake, but for the welfare of those whom thou hast given me.

Oh Lord my God, in my hour of greatest need thou wast near me when no other could be found. Thou hast never forsaken me nor abandoned me. Thou hast engraven my name upon the palms of thy hands and upon the fleshy tables of thy heart.

Oh thou, who hath all power in heaven and in earth, behold thou, thy weak and humble servant. For I have no power but that which thou giveth unto me. I depend upon thee for every breath I take. Yea, and behold, I am broken and am full of weakness. Yea, and I am without hope, save it be through thy Holy Son. Oh Merciful God, wilt thou heal me through thy Holy Son? Wilt thou make me to shake at the appearance of sin? Wilt thou make in me a new heart? Wilt thou heal my body of mortal ills? Will thou free my mind of its infirmities?

Oh Father who art in Heaven, why am I angry because of mine enemies? Why do I slacken my strength because of mine afflictions? Wilt thou give unto me greater love? Wilt thou forgive mine enemies and turn their hearts to thee that we may rejoice together in thy redeeming love?

Oh Father, wilt thou give unto me strength to turn the cheek, to not revile, and to only do good to those who despitefully use me; that I might be a child of Christ? Wilt thou forgive me of my sins and offenses?

Wilt thou redeem my soul from hell? Wilt thou encircle me in the arms of thy righteousness?

Thy love Oh God, is infinite and eternal. The arms of thy mercy are forever stretched out unto all, even unto those who will in the sincerity of their hearts call upon thy holy name.

I know that I cannot comprehend the things which thou canst comprehend. Thy ways are higher than my ways. I know that all things have been done according to thy holy wisdom.

Yea, oh Lord my God, I have trusted in thee, and I will trust in thee forever. Yet am I feeble and week, help thou my unbelief oh Lord!

I give my heart unto thee oh God! My life have I laid upon the alter, but thou didst command me to live, and so I give unto thee my all, even my will, my mind. Yet from the dust was I created and to the dust shall I return. I am nothing compared to thee, oh Lord my God, yet my feeble offering thou doth love. Thy holy will, shall I endeavor to fulfill all the days of my life, for thou art a God of love and mercy, thy bowels are filled with compassion, and through thy Holy Son thou hast provided a means of redemption for all who will believe.

Oh Lord my God, how my soul doth long to be with thee!

Oh Merciful God, thou who heareth and answereth our prayers, give unto me strength to endure! Help me to understand and know thy holy will! Give unto me power to provide for those whom thou hath given me! Give unto me thy Holy Spirit that my confidence may wax strong in thee!

Oh Lord my God, may thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Grant unto me patience to see it done!



Seth Whitmer

Hiram Seth Whitmer is a visionary leader and influencer with a passion for executing the complete turnaround of healthcare organizations