A question I love to ask when interviewing candidates for a job is, how do you define honesty and how do you live it? Typically I get a response of, “telling the truth.” That’s it, nothing more. Often the candidate will pause for a moment with a bit of a…

For those that know me, words carry a lot of power. They define behavior and thought. In this light I hope to share my thoughts on a very important word, passion. I hope those that read this will find this thought provoking and helpful.

The modern use of the word…

Critical attributes needed for a successful workplace

Several years ago, I heard about Professor Kim Cameron, from the University of Michigan, and how he taught the concept of positive leadership and its heliotropic effect.[1] He explained: “This refers to the tendency in all living systems toward positive energy [light] and…

Seth Whitmer

Hiram Seth Whitmer is a visionary leader and influencer with a passion for executing the complete turnaround of healthcare organizations

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